Leverage Employment Attorney Service To Strengthen Your HR Department

There are many benefits you can get when you leverage employment attorney services most especially if you are running a business. One of these is that you are able to further strengthen one of the most important components of your company – the human resources department.

With the help of an employment attorney, you are able to strengthen your HR department (and the company as a whole) by proper management of the following issues:

  • Employment discrimination – a reputable employment attorney helps by giving legal advice on how your HR department handles hiring procedures so that all your actions are done aligned to the prevailing laws and so to avoid receiving complaints from applicants particularly on discrimination issues. In addition to that, he is capable of providing assistance that requires the expertise of the law such as on how to prepare employee handbooks, labor code compliance, issues like harassment & termination.
  • Labor relation – an employment attorney also helps in strengthening your labor relations so that crucial issues are addressed accordingly such as avoiding mass picketing and violence injunctions. He is also able to provide an assistance on union organizing campaigns, union contract terminations, labor management arbitration, and collective bargaining negotiations.
  • Litigation – there are some HR issues that are not settled by negotiation and are escalated to courts for litigation. A lawyer who is expert in labor and employment laws is able to provide you with legal assistance in order to defend your department from any legal obstacles that prevent your company’s continuous growth.
  • Government taxes – this is another yet a crucial issue not just for the human resources officer but to the company as a whole. With the help of an employment attorney, a company can avoid any complaints from employees with regards to tax deduction. He can also help so that a company becomes more aware on the prevailing laws on taxes so that complaints like tax evasion charges can be avoided.

There are a lot of ways an employment attorney can help you with – above are just a few examples. This is the reason why legal experts recommend leveraging employment attorney services most especially when you are running a business.


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How To Avoid Business-Related Litigation?

business litigation san jose, ca

Image source: UPRA

Rather than wasting your resources on litigation, working to prevent getting yourself into that situation as much as possible is a lot more favorable for your business. Yes, that is a highly-attainable goal. But how? – you might ask. Perhaps one of the most effective ways is to ensure that all your business-related transactions are free from loopholes that anybody can use to his advantage. In connection with that, it is imperative that you know very well the most common issues brought to litigation processes so that you can avoid any legal battle and settlements yourself.

Based on some studies, the following are the common reasons why businesses end up in courtrooms:

  • Buy-sell agreement loophole – this usually occurs between companies and their minority shareholders. Many companies overlook ‘buy-sell’ provisions in their shareholder agreements. Remember, an intelligent business owner knows the importance of this provision because he knows that this gives the company the right to buy out a minority shareholder according to a stipulated price formula.
  • Employer-employee-related issue – this is another yet a common cause of litigation. As an employer who is thinking for the welfare of both sides (the company and its employees), it is imperative that you have company policies that are crystal clear and they should be clearly written in the handbook so that both parties can avoid any potential legal battle. A law firm who has lawyers who have expertise in both business law and litigation can really be a big help; thus, it would be an advantage in your part if you have one for your business.
  • Purchase and sales – many companies also have issues brought to courtrooms because of disagreements with their customers. To avoid this happening in your business, it is important that you and your lawyer review the terms and conditions pertaining to purchase and sales agreement.
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights – very important to any business entity and is also a common cause of many litigation happening today. It imperative that you pay close attention to this area as your company might experience what other companies are having. For instance, as simple as your business name can be a cause of a legal predicament. A lawyer who is expert in civil litigation should be able to help you in working for trademark and should be able assist you as you process trademark protection at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Remember, trademark, copyright, patent – these are not only applicable to company names; they are for works that are produced out of intelligence and innovations as well (e.g. new inventions, established processes, designs, etc.)

Again, a law firm with lawyers who are experts in both business law and litigation can be a big help for you to avoid business-related litigation, which is necessary for you  to run your company smoothly and achieve your business goals.

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Finding Good Business Law Firms in Los Gatos

Sweeney, Mason, Wilson & Bosomworth Law Firm, Los Gatos, CA

Photo credit: Sweeney, Mason, Wilson & Bosomworth – A Professional Law Corporation, serving clients in Los Gatos, CA.

While every business should always try to avoid conflicts / issues that could lead to a legal battle, there may be a time that your company will face such a scenario one day – who knows? With this, it is imperative that you, the people working inside it,  have what people call ‘the legal protocol,” which means your plan of action if ever you face such an issue.

The most important step you can take to prepare yourself is to find prospective law firms where you can hire a lawyer who is expert in business laws. If you are based in Los Gatos, California, this task should not be that difficult as there are lots of business law firms in the area. But the question really is that, how can you find the best law firm? Consider the following tips:

Finding prospects via Internet

Perhaps the easiest way to find prospective business law firms nowadays is through the Internet. You can do it anytime, anywhere, provided you have an Internet connection. There are lots of websites that list law firms throughout the United States, including those in the State of California. Lawyers.com, for instance, provides a comprehensive listing of law firms in Los Gatos as well as in other areas in the U.S. Local directories such as Yahoo Local Directory are also a great place on the Internet for you to find prospects.Websites such as that can help you find good prospects, which you can trim down based on your unique needs and criteria.

Recommendations from reputable organization

There are a number of organizations that provide insights about the top law firms in the U.S., this could give you useful idea as to which one to choose. The American Lawyer, for instance, provides annual ranking of the top law firms in the United States.

Law firm’s performance in the past

Another good criterion to consider when finding prospects is to consider a law firm’s performance history; that is, how it helped clients in the past. You might want to weigh the case won versus the case lost. With that, you will have an idea how good or bad a law firm could. So, it helps, really.

As for my final note, you have to remember that there are issues/conflicts that do not need to reach a litigation process; in fact, a lot. A good law firm can be a source of useful advice on the action you can make so that issues from opposing bodies can be settled without escalating them to court. So, it is good that you have a lawyer or law firm that can guide you as early as in the settlement level.

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Civil Litigation Services

No business is spared from any controversy regardless of the industry it belongs to, particularly when it comes to legal issues. This means that even your business could face legal issue at any time, which could end you up on to a civil litigation floor. Seeing this ‘could happen’ to you, it is important that you are well-prepared as early as now. Thus, getting yourself oriented with civil litigation services plays an essential role.

Once effective step you can take to prepare your company for any legal issues (which could be catastrophic) is to go to a law firm that you could rely on for legal help; one that has lawyers who can give expert advice when it comes to civil litigation and other legal matters.

But what really are the specific areas that a civil litigation lawyer can help you with? Here are the least you need to know:

  • Purchase and Sale Contract Breaches – should you face issues like this, a civil lawyer can help you to settle all legal actions you should work on; a very big help when you are in trading business or even when you are just having a problem on company property purchase.
  • Fraud – issues like classified information theft or any intentional deception made by others that has caused damage to your business can be subject to litigation and a civil litigant is the ideal representative that could help you address the issue.
  • Real Estate – should you face issues on property purchase or rental such as property contract breach, better consult a lawyer who could best represent you or your business for any litigation process.
  • Trademark – civil litigation lawyers also work to settle any trademark and other intellectual property issues; a civil litigation firm is one institution that you could seek help when your trademark is compromised or if you think your copyrighted materials have been abused or if your intellectual property rights have been violated.
  • Service and Supply Contract Breaches – one of the most common issues that exist in the business arena, most especially if you are dealing with a service-based company (e.g. when you outsource workforce or when a certain contractor unlawfully halts or violates your contract).
  • Shareholder and Partner Disputes – for corporations and business partnerships, shareholder disputes could be inevitable; there are many of these issues that cannot be settled on the table but through litigation.

Above are just some examples of legal issues that a civil litigation lawyer can help you with. There is more than that so you must be oriented about civil litigation services available today to make your company well-prepared for whatever legal challenges you may face in the future.

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Construction Lawyers – Legal Issues They Can Handle For Your Business

The construction industry is one complex business environment wherein lots of works and business transactions are dealt with legality or legal bases. Financial transactions, business agreements for any construction works (buildings, highways, bridges, etc.) need to be addressed first before starting any of them. These transactions cannot be done in the absence of legal representatives; this is the reason why legal services from construction lawyers are of great significance – they see to it that there are no legal hurdles for their clients who are venturing for a certain construction project.

But what in particular are the legal issues a construction attorney can help you or your company with? Below are some of the most common:

Dealing with bid protests – a construction lawyer can represent you at every level of public project development, including prosecuting and defending bid protests. A construction law firm usually has documented protests, and its lawyers usually appear before various local government agencies. They are experienced when it comes to handling this kind of work.

Contract review – contract review is necessary to every client in the construction industry and a lawyer who has specialized in construction law can help them when it comes to preparation and negotiation of a full range of construction contract, which includes legal matters like owner-builder agreement.

Construction Claims – construction lawyers can help you with all types of construction claims – enforcement and defense of mechanic’s liens, bond claims, government code claims – among other legal claims.

Handling dispute resolution – this is one of the most common legal works a construction lawyer can help you with – from negotiating resolution before formal litigation as well as mediation or arbitration.

Labor disputes – construction lawyer can also help you, most especially if you are running a construction company with a number of workers, in developing comprehensive employee policy manuals and employment agreement designed for your business’s unique needs. He can protect your business from unnecessary labor-related disputes. They can defend contractors in dealing with disputes with union trust funds, and other related matters.

Giving real time assistance – apart from working with you during the course of any legal works, a construction lawyer can also give real-time assessment so that you are guided in every step of any legal transaction you are getting in, helping you and your business stay in the right track.


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What are the issues that a business law firm can help you with?

Putting up a business – whatever kind of business it may be – is not an easy job to do as this comes with all the complexities and legalities of B2B and B2C relations. This is the primary reason why you, as a business owner, need to make sure that step you make comes  from a careful planning to see to it that no legal business obstacles will arise along the way. You need to make it certain that all business transactions you make comply with all the legalities and technicalities as required under the law.  Now, here’s the question: how can you ensure that you make the right legal decisions for your business when you are not an expert in business law? Well, a business law firm can surely help you on that and there are many good business law firms around that offer legal services for various businesses. You can have the following services:

  • Licensing – this is one of the primary requirements when putting up a business and a business lawyer is the right person that you should work with when obtaining license to operate, he can give you legal advice and can work in your behalf to ensure that your business complies with the licensing laws.
  • Entity Formation and Infrastructure – under this service, a business law firm can assist you with the formation and dissolution of various forms of entities. It can also help for the establishment of the right infrastructure based upon your business’ needs. Legal works such as shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements, stock option plans are some areas that a business lawyer can help you with.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – you can ask for help in dealing the difficult process of closing mergers, acquisitions, and other similar transactions.
  • Capital Raising – a business law firm can also help you with business transactions like debt and securities and other private placements. It can also help in preparing the necessary legal requirements that must be complied with before staging any capital raising transactions.
  • Bid Protests and Dispute Resolution – this is another service you can get; they can also represent you in dealing with the complex process of bid protests and dispute resolution, which could include prosecuting and defending –  based on your legal rights.
  • Commercial Transactions – a business lawyer can also work in your behalf  to address your need in negotiations, structuring and implementation of various commercial transactions (e.g. manufacturing, development, consulting, and distribution agreement).

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What legal issues can a civil litigation lawyer help you with?

civil litigation lawyer smwb.com

photo credit: fau.edu

There are certain legal disputes that do not need to result to criminal sanctions but rather, aimed to seek money damages or specific performance for a disputed issue. This is widely known as civil litigation where a certain lawsuit is brought before a court for a civil resolution. A civil litigation lawyer is the legal professional whom clients usually turn to when they face issues under civil litigation.

But what are those legal issues that a civil litigation lawyer can help you with? Well, there are quite many issues that he can handle and some of these are  the following:

  • Purchase and Sale Contract – in layman’s terms, this is a legal contract or agreement that obligates both parties (buyer and seller) to follow as agreed. This is common to all types of businesses particularly those that are associated with real estate transactions.
  • Service and Supply Contract – a type of contract that establishes a legal agreement between two parties (a vendor and a customer), which is usually done to lock in discounted pricing and other benefits for a certain period of time.
  • Shareholder and Partner Disputes – this is also known as ‘business internal conflicts’ caused by a number of reasons such as breach of directors’ duties, separate business interests, failure in providing financial, accounting and statutory information, etc.
  • Trade Secrets – this has something to do with information shared exclusively for and among members (or certain members) of a particular entity aimed at protecting its interest. This can include info on inventions, ideas, or compilations of data meant to be used only by a company who made it.
  • Fraud – any form of deceptive practice such as dishonesty made for personal gain can be a ground for seeking civil litigation resolution.
  • Trademark violation – this can be a distinctive name, symbol, motto, or design that is for exclusive use of a particular company that has made it. Thus, it prevents other companies from using the same (or similar to it) and can be a ground for civil litigation.
  • Unfair Competition – unjust and (in most cases) illegal practices to gain an advantage over competitors; this is usually done through false or unethical commercial conduct such as product imitation, misleading advertising, counterfeiting, etc.

There are more legal issues that a civil litigation lawyer can help you with – I have given you just a few of the most common. Take time to review your knowledge on this matter as you (or the company you belong) might need an assistance from a civil litigation lawyer one day.

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